Samsung Galaxy S Review - the most powerful phone on the market

The Samsung Galaxy S is without a doubt the most advanced phone technically manufactured from Samsung. Served with Android 2.1, but it has an update to Froyo scheduled for September. Taking into account these two aspects we could put it in a good position with respect to competition, primarily because of the importance that is gaining that an Android device is not outdated.

The model of Samsung Galaxy S coming to our country is part of a family of phones that aims to dominate the Smartphone market, various terminals with slight changes will be available in 110 different countries, with expectations of sales of 10 million units. Did you succeed?, reason not missing, let's meet them in this analysis.

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Samsung Galaxy S, appropriate design and improved materials
The Samsung Galaxy S is one exponent in the creation of phones with four inches or more, and fairly rectangular design, in which the screen is important as if it were a tablet. In our case is also accentuated by having a thickness of only 9.9 mm. Take a look at the differences with a known as the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic phone:

The overall dimensions are of 122.4 × 64.2 × 9.9 mm, and the set Gets a weight of 118 grams, lightweight if compared with similar size phones (a Xperia X 10 weighs 135 grams). In short, the phone falls in the hand perfectly (even in small hands). The front edge of the telephone protrudes slightly to protect the screen when it is upside down.

Account with a design with simple and elegant lines, which will well withstand the passage of time, forming a light in view and at hand in which it seems that everything is perfect, but it is not so, since the quality of construction and materials in some aspects is not high end phone. We are talking about the rear of the phone that abuses of plastic, giving a worse feeling than we had with the excellent Samsung Wave (aluminium was used in it). The mechanism that fits the battery cover do not like me.
In regards to buttons, we have three under the screen, of which two are tactile, not missing the typical volume buttons. Other elements in the front camera for video calling (VGA), and the always useful proximity and ambient light sensors.

It seems appropriate that they have dispensed with a dedicated camera button, or I do not like the position of the locking button of the screen (to the right of the phone), which is also the ignition. To unlock your phone, we must press this button or the central, and then do so in touch with a gesture.
A good detail of Samsung is protect with a micro USB port gate, by his side we find a 3.5 mm jack that also serves as a TV out.

SuperAMOLED grows up to 4 inches 

samsung galaxy s

My experience with this type of screens had been with the Samsung Wave, on that occasion stayed at 3.3 inches , that made it less interesting for multimedia content or view Web pages, but that certainly had a really impressive density of points compared to this version of 4 inches (233.24 PPI), and both have the same resolution: 480 × 800 pixels.

Following comparisons, it seems to me that the sensitivity of the touch of the Samsung Galaxy S screen is excellent, it is easier to interact with the Wave, due to their larger size. We remind you that Samsung has decided not to produce these screens for third parties to be able to meet the demand of these phones .

Failing to make a comparison with iPhone 4 Retina Display , not meeting market screens with better blacks and viewing angles than Samsung Galaxy S. perhaps has the colors appear somewhat saturated, but my I like the final result.

Much of blame for the thickness and weight got on the phone it has this new screen, that also has a positive impact on the autonomy of the battery. Also quite improved outdoor display with respect to the original AMOLED .

Good autonomy for motor bearing

Battery which we find after the plastic lid is of 1500 mAh, and taking into account that we have a 4 inch screen giant multi-tasking and ample power, autonomy is better of what can be expected.

Official figures report of six and a half hours in 24 days in standby time in 3G network conversation. Details such as the animated wallpapers and multitasking can take a lot from the battery, so we must take care of them, also expect improvements with the arrival of Froyo. cheap smartphones no contract, In this sense the buyers will not feel disappointed to be in the middle of autonomy in the world of Smartphones, but taking into account that we walk with 4 inch and power enough above the average.

I've been doing a pretty decent phone use several days to test autonomy, I can say that with the brightness of the screen in automatic mode and animations outside, I've been talking about half an hour daily, almost 3 hours connected via WiFi by day and making use of the 3G sporadically, as phone enduring me the psychological figure of two days not forgetting me that I did a bit of use of the radio both days.

Obviously if we make use of demanding applications like 3D games or reproduce much video in high definition, low battery faster, I have especially noticed it to do Tethering functionality that has the device, with which the battery is consumed twice the speed.

Samsung Galaxy S, a hardware with much to teach

samsung galaxy s review

On paper the Galaxy S is the most powerful of the market phone, mostly graphical issues where is one step ahead thanks to its GPU PowerVR SGX540.

We have touched on several occasions the issue of the circuitry and power of the terminal, I recommend that you take a look at the comparison in which we explain the differences with other important market models , bending to the second in the list with 28 million polygons per second.

Even the impressive Motorola Droid X arrives at your level, however in the own Samsung we are the affordable wave that share hardware with the phone which occupies our lines. The used hardware architecture is the Hummingbird 1 GHz (ARM Cortex A8) signed by Samsung

If we go to the memory we have 512 MB of RAM and internal storage, there are two versions, which I have had occasion to try has 16GB (the other is 8 GB). The encoder microSD slot is capable of reading up to 32GB and can be operated with the phone on.

In connectivity for mobile is more than well served, we find ourselves facing a terminal HSPA (7.2/5.76Mbps), offers wireless n,Bluetooth 3.0 (with Android 2.1 can be sent files), and a micro USB port. We especially emphasize the possibility of using the jack as a video output connector, I don't have the cable required to try it, but you can take a look at this video of people HDBlog.it:

Entering the downside, phone has some problems with WiFi connectivity (it is not worrying), that at times, and without apparent explanation is lost easily, smartphone without data plan, I have been documenting the network and it is not an isolated problem, and it only happens with this version of Galaxy S, I guess that it will be fixed in subsequent updates.

I would like again to emphasize the possibility of creating a WiFi point with our connection 3 G, not missing the AllShare application that makes it easy for us to share the phone with other devices ( DLNA contents).

First conclusions

On the role us find with the phone more powerful of the market (although is by show), accompanied of the system operating with greater growth, by what do us with one is bet safe, another question is if have phones in the market that us seem more interesting or is adapted best to our needs. If all goes well, I promise an interesting comparison with another cock of the market.

In this first part of the analysis I have presented some aspects such as the hardware and device design, to go into detail on topics software, camera and final conclusions in a second part that I am preparing. I would like that while I make it'll bother to ask any questions you have or which may highlight in the next article, whenever it is in my hands.

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